Weekly comments

Every week, I would like each class member to comment at least once on one or more of the reading responses that have been posted. This is to make sure that no one feels they are writing into a void, and to maintain a sense of the website as a collective project rather than something directed toward the professor for a grade.

You may comment on any of your classmates’ reading summaries or post-class reflections, or reply to a comment that is already posted. There is no word limit for comments; substantial engagements and respectful, generous disagreements are welcome, as are questions, clarifications, and quotations of phrases that you find especially resonant or illuminating. You are not limited to one comment but may make as many as you like.

While you should comment wherever you have most to say, please do make an effort to make sure that comments are somewhat evenly distributed among your classmates’ posts.

Your comments are due by 10am on Thursday mornings so that we can have time to read them before we meet.